Talking about Techniques

May 7th, 2010 by Ivy

In this episode, I talk about how a gift from a friend led me to learn how to skirt an alpaca fleece, how Travelling Woman defied me twice, and defied the only aftermath lifeline I know, and how Sweater Quest is probably going to lead me to do some double knitting soon (yes, you can knit a tube on straights).

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One Response to “Talking about Techniques”

  1. Cricket Says:

    More uses for double-knitting:

    Casting on a centre-out shawl. Only two needles to wrangle and no nasty gaps. It’s more of a stunt than something practical, since you can’t stick a finger in the “tube” and test it until it’s too late. (Ask me how I know.) I handled yo’s by double-wrapping within each stitch on the yo round so there was enough extra yarn, then sorting it all out on the next round. Simply doing yo’s wasn’t as smooth.

    Tubular cast on.

    Thanks for the tip about reverse stockinette being easier for this technique. My fingers kept thinking, “Move yarn to front, purl, move to back,” rather than “Move to front, slip, move to back.”

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